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Epicentric RP

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Welcome to an alternate universe you may recognize. The place is San Francisco, the year is 2009, and the world is much as we see it when we walk out our doors or turn on our televisions today.

With a small difference here and there....

There are vampires, werewolves, mages, faeries, psychics, and more among us.

And we know it.

They're legal citizens with rights and responsibilities just as we have. They live among us, they pay taxes, and they attend our churches, or at least some of them do.

Don't let that fool you. It's not all hearts and flowers. Not everyone wants the supes to be legal, and there are plenty of humans who think that they should be wiped out entirely.

Game Overview


Quick Start Guide

This is a comm-based, OC-only urban fantasy game set in present-day San Francisco. Gameplay is conducted in both prose and "email" (email posts in the log communities) with a heavy emphasis on prose.

Applications for epicentric are open. Gamplay is open as of 9/8/09. See here for a list of characters in play. See here for a list of wanted characters.
Email: epicentric.mods@gmail.com
AIM: epicentricmod
YIM: epicentricmod

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